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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Freezer Meal Club

For about three months now, I've been involved in a meal club with a Alicia McAfee and a friend of hers. Each month, we make three recipes for three families. Then we meet and trade meals, so we each end up with nine different recipes to stock our freezers with.
For November, Dan and I made chicken enchiladas, Dinner in a Dish, and stuffed pasta shells.
Dan made the filling for the chicken enchiladas.  It is smelled so good while it cooked.  I found the recipe for this enchilada filling at Skinny Mom's Kitchen
Here are the finished chicken enchiladas.  They were quite good, if I do say so myself.
The stuffed shells are a family favorite.  The recipe makes a TON, so I only had to double the recipe to get five casserole dishes made. 
The third recipe is Grace's favorite dinner.  It is called Dinner in a Dish.  It is a combination of ground beef, green beans, tomatoes, and corn (with seasonings) served with rice. It is something that Dan's mom made for her family, and now Dan makes it for us.

I have enjoyed trading meals with friends and having a good variety of meals in the freezer.  They have been a life-saver on many occasions the past few months.

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