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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wrestling Camp

 Gabriel has participated in a wrestling camp at Jeffersonville High School this week.  He has learned a few moves and had the opportunity to try wrestling for the first time.
 Tonight was his last night of the wrestling camp.  The kids were divided into 4 teams, and they had wrestling matches.
 Gabriel's team made it to the finals.
 Unfortunately, they did not win and get medals.  This the first time that Gabriel has played a sport and not gotten a medal when it was over.  It was a tough lesson to learn tonight.
 The first match Gabriel played.  He and his opponent were pretty evenly matched.
 Gabriel ended up on the bottom for each of the three one-minute rounds.
 He put up a good fight though.
 Coach Connin gave his team some instructions before playing the next match.  In the second match, Gabriel's opponent appeared to be about 3rd grade.  It was very difficult for me to watch this 3rd grader squash my 1st grader into the mat.  Dan said they were pretty evenly matched size-wise, but Momma begs to differ on this one.  When the match was over, Gabriel was a little upset that the kid was bigger than he was.  He felt it was a little unfair.  He "sucked it up" and took the loss like a good sport though.
 Grace made friends with this little boy.  They were entertained playing games on their tablets.  Boy, how times have changed!
All of the kids who participated in the camp this week have the opportunity to join Team Jeff Wrestling.  For now, it seems like a big commitment considering that Gabriel is only 6.  However, he has enjoyed wrestling this week.  He wants to learn more about it, and the opportunity to do that has presented itself now.  He and Dan are going to attend Team Jeff Wrestling practice tomorrow night to find out more about being part of the team.  Yikes!

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