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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Providence Wrestling Meet

 Gabriel wrestled at Providence two weeks ago.  His first match was against a kid from Indiana Elite Wrestling.  I knew from the name of his wrestling club that it wasn't going to go well for Gabe.
 And just like that it was over.  This kid was quick!  He charged at Gabriel before he was even ready.  Gabe was down and pinned.  I even said, "Whoa!  Yikes!" as I saw this kid charge him.  Poor Gabe didn't stand a chance.
Second match didn't go much better.  It last a few seconds longer, but not much.  Gabriel has wrestled the kid from Tell City at Jeff.  I'd say that Gabriel needs to wrestle someone who moves a little more slowly than he does, but I doubt that will happen.  Ha!

1 comment:

the lewis gang said...

way to go out there each time though gabe! persevere, buddy!