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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Afternoon

 I had a couple of errands to run this morning.  After our errands, I decided to take the kids out for lunch.  We had another stop to make in Sellersburg, and Steve's Pizza King was on the way.
 It is always such a treat to eat there!  Not only do we LOVE the pizza, but the train provides great entertainment for the kids.
 Then there is always the pay-TV too.  It always amazes me that I am willing to pay 50 cents for the kids to watch a half-hour of TV at a restaurant.  Why is the TV in the pizza restaurant so cool to them?  They watch TV all the time at home.
 After lunch we headed to Ivy Tech for the Egg-stravaganza.  There were crafts and games for the kids.  They won prizes at every game. 
 Then the kids were divided into age groups for Easter egg hunts.  We ran into 4 of the 5 McAfee's at Ivy Tech too.  Great minds think alike, I guess.
 Before we headed home, we stopped at the bounce house.
 It was just warm enough for us to be outside without being too chilly.
As we were leaving, the kids said, "THIS is how we wanted to spend our afternoon, Mom!"  I guess I had a good idea after all!

1 comment:

the lewis gang said...

i was in indy for a friend's wedding shower, but would have loved to go. i had no idea about it!